Letter to the editor:


To the Editor, 


This letter is an expression of community  in response to the article, “Misguided Maintenance” in the Oct. 28 issue of The Waltonian


Let me first say that absolutely no amount of effort is held back to ensure a safe environment here at Eastern.  Transforming this century-old estate from a personal residence to a university has been, at the very least, a bit challenging, and occasionally there will be maintenance-related items that transpire.  


The buildings are constantly filled to capacity in an endless effort towards assisting in the completion of our mission.  Needless to say, the operation of this unique collection of buildings requires a great deal of attention, care and resources to maintain.


Eastern’s mission is one of peace, and that mission of peace does not often allow for an over-abundance of financial resources.  Each and every department here at Eastern works very hard to provide the very best that it can, with the resources available. 


Eastern fills students’ hearts with knowledge, commitment, tenderness and light. Then empowered and overflowing, these students go forth into the world to pour themselves out for those in need.  


I truly believe that those who leave here to help fulfill that mission do so to fill spirits with hope, and lovingly share what they can afford back to the university.      


Every opinion is very important to us, and we want to thank you for letting us hear your voice.



-Carl Altomare

Executive Director of Campus Services

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