LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Chapel would be much better if we had biblical preaching each week’

I think chapel would be much better if we had biblical preaching each week-that means, the speaker tells the students to open up to a particular passage, reads the passage and explains what the passage means in its context and how it applies today.

I have had enough of Christian pep-talks, pithy catch phrases, and funny illustrations. I am not saying those things are bad, indeed, they can be quite helpful-so long as they clarify biblical preaching, not take the place of it.

If the speaker wants to encourage his listeners what better way then through the promises of God’s Word? Does he want to speak to us of sin and lead us to repent? What better way then through examples of penitence in Scripture!

Does he want us to grow in the knowledge of God’s grace? Why then does he not preach on the doctrinal truths found in the epistles?

The Bible is the way we commune with God and learn more about Him. In my life I find it difficult to keep consistent Bible reading. Chapel then should always motivate us to Scripture by bringing its meaning and message week after week.

When we hear the Bible, we are hearing God preaching to us, as Packer once put it. Who else would you rather hear preach at chapel?

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