Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

In last issue’s article regarding SGA elections, there are a few issues that I would like to address.

First, if you are interested in elections of any sort, feel free to contact Beth, Nate, Ian, or myself, but we will refer you to our Chief Justice, Justin Best, at jbest2@eastern.edu.

Please contact him directly. He is the person in charge of all elections so if I were interested in running, I’d talk to him first.

Best organizes the entire process, enforces rules of conduct, approves candidate packets and counts the votes.

Second, I was quoted as saying I was sick of seeing “a lot of smart white kids and no other voices” in the SGA senate.

This quote is incorrect. I said in my interview that I was sick of seeing mostly white kids in the senate. I never said “smart.”

My statement was not meant to be offensive or ethnically insensitive—it was merely an observation. If you came to an SGA meeting and took a look around, you would see a lot of pale skin.

That is just the fact of the matter. Obviously, this fact speaks nothing of the capabilities of the senate members themselves.

My point of the various remarks I made throughout the article was merely that I wish more voices had a place in the senate.

I see very little socioeconomic, academic or ethnic diversity represented around the table in Baird Library on Monday mornings at 10 a.m. This grieves me because SGA’s goal, after all, is to be a bridge between students and administration.

If we aren’t representing all students fairly, I fear we may not be doing our job as well as we could.

Maggie Stewart
SGA Executive Board President


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