Lacrosse Player Profile: Jessie Basch

Sophomore Jessie Basch has been playing lacrosse since her sophomore year in high school.

She started playing because it was a “social thing.” It was because of lacrosse that she ended up at Eastern, a long way from her home in Indiana.

When she first started playing at Eastern, Basch had no idea what it would be like. As a starter at the attack-wing position, she definitely made her mark as a first-year on the women’s lacrosse team at Eastern.

Not only did the women’s lacrosse team win the PAC championship last year, but also Basch received numerous awards including PAC Rookie of the Year, 1st Team All PAC and was second in Division III in ground balls for game.

“I think we’re going to be better this year,” she said.

When asked why, Basch answered simply, “our team has awesome unity.”

A key factor in the success of the team is being able to play well as individuals and as a team. Basch enjoyed her spring break in Florida, where the team traveled to not only practice, condition and play their first game, but also to do a service project.

Basch came into this season “feeling comfortable” and has hopes of making all the first-years on the team feel the way she did last year.

Basch hopes to improve this season individually mainly by working with the team better and by finding ways to play well under pressure. Perfection happens in a team when you become united, according to Basch.

Basch believes that what her coach says is true: “the team is not an individual; it’s a unit.”

Jessie Basch by the numbers2006Goals: 43Assists: 28Ground Balls: 99*

*Ranked second per game in all of NCAA Divison III

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