Interview Tips

  • Never answer a question with a simple “yes” or “no.” Use every question as an opportunity to explain why you are perfect for the open position.
  • Use every past work experience, no matter how small, to its fullest potential by highlighting specific aspects of it that will help you succeed in the field–even if the experience is not directly related.
  • Answer all questions with real life examples of situations and how you handled them. One way to position questions is through the STAR method: Talk about a Situation or Task you faced and explain the Action you took and its  Result.
  • Dress professionally and appropriately for the job. It’s always better to overdress than to underdress. And, please, leave the low-cut shirts and miniskirts in your closet.
  • Let them know that you’ve done your homework. Research the company and position ahead of time and be prepared to ask questions.
  • If your job requires preparing a portfolio of your work, take extra time to make it neat and organized. Your interviewer’s first impression of you is your portfolio, so make sure that it is impressive.
  • Pack light. Try to only bring a folder or a notepad with extra resumés. If possible, leave the briefcase and purse at home or in your car and do not bother bringing reference letters and copies of past performance appraisals. Clean and simple is the way to go.

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