If there were no Finals…

If there were no finals..

Eastern would be a better place.

I mean, think about it

No one really enjoys finals

Students don’t like taking them

Teachers don’t like grading them

We all have things to focus on this time of the year

Like Christmas and spending time with family

The semester has already been stressful

So why add finals at the end?

Why not leave for Christmas break in peace

Already knowing how you did in your class

And not having to worry about your grade on the finals all break long…

But if we absolutely, positively must have finals…

Why make them 50 thousand questions long

With 20 short essays at the end

All on things that were barely talked about in class

That’s just wrong…

And you know it

I think that twenty multiple choice questions will suffice.

Or maybe even an oral exam, most students don’t mind those.

There are so many other possibilities.

But the traditional final exam is outdated and should be modernized

Or eliminated.

Preferably eliminated…

Yeah, we should just go ahead and eliminate it.

That gives students the opportunity to finish out the semester


Without having that dreadful final exam to worry about

Now that just seems like an overall better Eastern!


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