I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…or Eastern

Campolo College of Graduate and Professional Studies

Associate Degrees to Doctorates. www.eastern.edu Then click on CCGPS

Graduate Programs: Department of Counseling PsychologyDepartment of Education Department of Nursing School of Management StudiesSchool of Leadership& DevelopmentOffice of Interdisciplinary Studies

Locations:Valley Forge and St. David’s, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Washington, DC, Sri LankaCape Town, South AfricaChiang Mai, Thailand

School for Social ChangeLocated in Philadelphia, Pa.Center-Transformation Education [High School Programs]Community ProgramsGlobal Center for Applied ResearchEastern in the City

Institute for Christian CounselingLocated in Philadelphia, Pa.Non-degree program Certificate program

College of Arts and SciencesMotto: Faith, Reason, and Justice 35 majors, 38 minorsTempleton Honors CollegeLeadership Grant ProgramStudy Abroad ProgramsLocated in St. David’s, Pa.www.eastern.edu

Esperanza College[Formerly Nueva Esperanza Center for Higher Education] Faith, Reason, and Justice is incorporated into curriculum. Located in Philadelphia, Pa. A junior college located in a North Philadelphia community to offer Latino and others an opportunity to receive an Associate of Arts degree. Administrative Assistant to the Provost Nancy Hartsock visited the college in August and calls it “incredibly inspiring.”http://esperanza.eastern.edu/

Palmer Theological Seminary Motto: “The Whole Gospel for the Whole World through Whole Persons.” Located in Wynnewood, Pa. and Ripley, WV.www.plamerseminary.edu Information compiled by Vicki Gosselin

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