Hidden Treasures: Philadelphia Ghost Tour

For anyone looking for some exercise or a lesson in local history, the Philadelphia Ghost Tour is a great evening activity. And, with a decent amount of imagination, it can even be a creepy adventure into Old City Philadelphia in hopes of seeing a ghost, possibly even Ben Franklin himself.

Our tour guide proved to be well-rehearsed and energetic, so despite the number of blocks we traversed and the loud traffic, it was not too difficult to focus on the possibilities in her story-telling.

However, in spite of the excellent delivery from our cryptic guide, we’ll never truly know if ole’ George Washington is still dancing in ballrooms with his wife Martha Washington. It was also rather disappointing that we did not enter a single building or cemetery, nor did we encounter any spirits. Perhaps it was just too safe for those of us hoping for a bit of an adventure.

If you’re looking for a great historical walk for a price, take the tour in Old City. If you’re looking for a scare, you’re better off staying at home, shutting the bathroom door, turning the lights off and saying “bloody Mary” three times.


1. The tour took people around Old City Philadelphia at nighttime, something worth doing at least once. Ever see Independence Hall at night? It’s truly a sight to see.2. History lovers will enjoy the tour. The tour guide takes the group of ghost seekers around numerous parts of Old City, telling the important history of each stop.


1. The tour cost $15. That to our group’s perspective was a little too much for a 75 minute walk around Old City Philadelphia, storyteller or not.2. While the guide did an excellent job, it seemed as if all the ghost stories had too much hype added to them.

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Information compiled by Scott King, Jon Marcus, Katherine Leber and Marcus Day.

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