Health care reform

So, we’ve all heard about the Health Care bill and, like most of the congressmen and congresswomen who voted on it, a lot of us haven’t had the chance or the time to read all 2,000-plus pages that make up its contents.

When President Barack Obama campaigned on a platform of open, honest and transparent government, he promised to let the public have ample time to read the bills that are passed before he signs them.

But who keeps a promise?

Upon the death of Senator Ted Kennedy and the election of Republican Scott Brown to replace him, the Democrats lost their super-majority and, as a result, ran out of time and legal options to pass this bill.

Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat and the House Majority Leader, quickly began offering dissenting Democrats “sweetheart deals,” offering money and other kickbacks for their districts in exchange for votes.
These deals and promises of future amendments to the bill after it was passed convinced enough morally-challenged congress people to vote in favor of the bill that it carried.

This is not how a bill should become law. This is not the transparent governing we were promised by Obama.

So now we’re stuck with this plan for the redistribution of wealth, the endless propaganda from all political sides and empty promises.
Democrats have said that this bill will reduce the deficit and create jobs. Republicans have said that the Government will fine doctors for patients who are re-admitted to a hospital for a previously treated ailment.

The hype is simply not true. The fact is, the deficit is going to increase incrementally after taking on more than 30 million uninsured Americans.

This already large number will certainly increase when all of the businesses find out that it is cheaper to be fined by the government for not providing health care to their employees than it is to pay for their insurance under this new plan.

Not only will this severely increase the national deficit, it will force individual states to spend several hundred million dollars more in their annual budgets.

Aside from the obvious economic disaster that is now imminent (research Massachusetts or Greece if you don’t believe me), what about this law is so bad?

Well, according to 13 State Attorney Generals, the law is unconstitutional. Thirteen State Attorney Generals, including Pennsylvania’s Tom Corbett, have filed a lawsuit against Congress and the President of the United States for passing a law that is unconstitutional.

According to the lawsuit, the law is unconstitutional because it is forcing American citizens to purchase something. That is, because of this law, we Americans have no choice but to buy health care, whether we can afford it or not.

Unfortunately, there are many other flaws in this bill, some that are yet to be discovered, but, no matter what your ideology is, this is still an affront to our constitution and our economy.




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