Hard Pill to Swallow: Spring break is too early.

Starting Feb. 26, Eastern University will be desolate. Rather than going to class, studying for exams or hanging out in the Breezeway, students will either travel to their week getaway in some fun destination or will be relaxing and decompressing at home. Either way, Eastern’s campus will be mostly empty.  

Spring break is usually a time for students to take a step back from school work and do things that they enjoy. Most of the time, though I cannot speak for all professors, professors do not give a significant amount of homework to be completed over break. They see that students are struggling and simply need time to decompress. This means that students have the freedom to spend their break as they desire. 

However, though I love spring break, I think Eastern should push spring break back a couple of weeks.  Personally, I think that spring break is coming too soon.  I am not tired yet, my classes are not crazy and I would rather take a break right after midterms when my workload is crazy insane.  In addition, I am burnt out by the end of midterms, so a break would give me the breathing room I need to continue to do well in my courses.

Taking exams in the middle of the semester is exhausting, and I struggle to stay on top of my work after midterms are over.  Due to the exhaustion of midterms, a break would be optimal during this time period because it would help alleviate stress. 

Students are then able to relax, rejuvenate and regroup.  They don’t have to worry about staying on top of work while dealing with post-test exhaustion. After I finish a week of exams, the only thing I want to do is absolutely nothing.  

Kate Seely, a writer for the Waltonian and communication studies major, says, “I wish I had more time to rest after midterms.”  Tamalei Sharp, an aspiring psychology major and possibly education minor, says, “My exams are brutal, so a break after midterms would help me jump back into school with pep in my step.”

These students and I believe we would be able to complete the second half of the semester with strength and endurance if spring break was after midterms. Trying to work on homework and other responsibilities can become overwhelming when there is no energy left in the tank. 

If spring break is pushed back, say one to two weeks, students would be able to power through the rest of the semester with ease. Spring break is already upon us, and yes I am thrilled to have a break, but I think it would benefit students the most if the break came after midterms.

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