Guys can’t cook

Emilie: So James, would you say it is a common belief held by women that guys can’t cook?

James: No, I would not. . . . I haven’t heard too many women say that. There’s the running joke that a woman’s place is in the kitchen. But as far as I see it played out in relationships, both people cook, someone’s just usually better.

Emilie: Do you like to cook yourself?

James: I do like to cook myself. I like the taste of my fingers.

Emilie: Ok, not “cook yourself,” but do you like to cook?

James: Yes.

Emilie: What do you like to cook?

James: Uh, well, meat. I like to cook meat a lot. Different pastas. I like to try different flavor combinations. I like to cook recreationally with friends, like one night we decided to make some Indian food. . . . Get the ingrediants, cook up some awesome stuff.

Emilie: (to Miss Eva Hall, a friend sitting in the room) Eva, you are a friend of James.

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