Grooving with the Glee club

 First-year Lauren DiBona used the popularity of the recent hit show “Glee” and her own experience in high school drama club to help start a Glee Club on campus.

Eastern’s Glee Club is a show choir that puts together and performs choreographed arrangements of popular music and a few show tunes.
What makes Glee Club different from other campus choirs is that it is student-run and includes dancing. The music choice is a great collaborative process between the club’s board members.
DiBona, who came up with the idea initially, took part in her high school drama club and had missed the experience since graduating. She decided she wanted to create some kind of club where students who are not necessarily majoring in music would have the opportunity to sing, act and perform.
DiBona went to first-year Kaitlyn Albone and junior Jason Collier to help make her idea come to life. DiBona is considered the leader and organizer of the Glee Club. Albone is the choreographer and Collier is the musical director. 
“Since all of us love the show ‘Glee,’ we get a lot of inspiration from the show itself,” Albone said. 
Currently, the club consists of 12 members, in addition to eight board members. 
“We had a lot of talented people come out and I’m excited to see what we can do,” DiBona said. The audition process is over for this semester, but next semester the club will be open to a lot of new people. 
The group plans to practice once a week, with more rehearsals when performances are near. The club is hoping to perform at coffeehouses, among other venues.
“We would love to perform at a few events throughout the year,” Albone said. “I’m not sure about competition yet, but I think it’s going to be really fun, and any performance would be great for us.” 

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