Great gifts for $20 or less

College students aren’t exactly known for having loads of money. That is why they call us “poor.” Still, when the gift-giving season rolls around, we don’t want to stiff all of those people who have been with us through thick and thin. To make sure that no hearts are crushed this Christmas morning, here are some gift ideas found in King of Prussia Mall that won’t break the bank.


Slipper Socks:
$12.50 from Old Navy

Yoga Mat:
$14.50 from Old Navy

Gourmet Coffee: $15-20 from Gloria Jean’s

Belt Buckle:
$18 from Buckle

Custom made tea:
$10-15 from Teavana

Lindor Truffles:
$12/lb. from Lindt

Various Signature Socks:
3 for $10 or 3 for $20 from Sock It To Me

Piggy Bank:
$5 from Old Navy

Christmas Boxers:
3 for $18 or $8.50 each from Old Navy

$19.50 from Old Navy

Accessories from $2.80-7.50 from Forever21

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