Five things every girl should know about guys

Contrary to popular belief, not all men are players.

Girls are quick to think that all guys like to play the field at all times. The rumor is that we can never settle down and stick to one girl.

When the weather begins to get nicer, we want to look at the lovely women, of course, who seem to wearing less all of a sudden. But, not all guys want to jump on every woman they see.

Here is a note to women: We can actually stay committed to one girl. A lot of girls are quick to jump the gun and automatically assume that guys are never satisfied.

Well, that is a lie, because not every guy is the same.

There isn’t anything wrong with playing the field, and there are reasons why people do it.

Some say you shouldn’t set yourself up with that one person because things may fall through and you are left with nothing.

No one wants to be alone, but keeping your eyes open for options doesn’t mean a guy is a player.

Girls, try not to contact your boy every five minutes of the day. When we are hanging out with “the boys,” we don’t want to hear our phones ringing every other minute.

It is our time to hang out with our friends, and your time will come. A few hours hanging out with our buddies should be acceptable. We don’t want to be smothered: that is a huge turnoff.

For guys who are big sports fans, we don’t like when girls bother us while we are watching our favorite teams.

Watching sports is a way for us to get away from any stresses that we face in life, so standing in front of the television or trying to get us to talk to you on the phone gets kind of annoying.

Last but not least, guys don’t like it when girls try to tell them what to do all the time. It is acceptable at times, but it gets old quickly.

When we are constantly told what to do, it makes us want to get away from you. No one wants a second mother nagging them all the time.

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