First-year turns up the beat for EU basketball

Thanks to the efforts of first-year David Shreve, basketball games will now come with more pep as Eastern begins to establish its very own drum line.

“I am very excited and curious at the same time,” Coach Matthew Nadelhoffer of the men’s basketball team said. “David has shown great enthusiasm for this group, which I hope can really build into something special.”

With a group of about 10 people currently, the 6th man, as it has been named, plans to play at sporting events in the hopes of adding some extra excitement to the events and inciting a higher level of school spirit. The name 6th man refers to added support the drum line will give to the five athletes who play during a basketball game.

“I always hear on television about colleges having drum lines,” Shreve said. “I thought ‘Wow, maybe we could do that here at Eastern.”

Shreve played drums in high school and it was his experiences there that inspired his passion for starting a drum line for EU.

“I felt led because I played in high school marching band and in drum line,” Shreve said. “We were not allowed to play at the basketball games because of the rules of the PIAA, but here I have an opportunity to do so.”

The group hopes to perform at basketball events both pre-game and possibly throughout the game, according to Shreve.

With the support of the basketball coaches and players, the drum line is now in the process of beginning practices and obtaining their instruments. Since the group is starting completely fresh they are still in the process of organization.

“I hope that the drum line will bring more noise and energy and make the atmosphere more difficult to play in for our opponents,” Nadelhoffer said. “I have met with Dave a number of times and have supported him financially for this project as well.”

Shreve hopes that the drum line will be successful while he is here in school and will be a legacy he can leave behind when he graduates from Eastern.

If anyone is interested in the drum line contact Dave Shreve at, or check out the Eastern University Drumline Facebook group.

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