Fine Arts Festival wows audience

Packed out.

That was McInnis Auditorium at 8 p.m. October 13th. Once all of the seats were taken, students made themselves at home by sitting on the floor in the aisles.

Sophomore music major Megan Prescott-Ezickson explained that the purpose of the event was “to show people what we do in the fine arts department.”

A prayer by Ron Matthews set the stage for the performances to begin. Fourteen acts filled with dancing, singing, and musical instruments left the crowd enthralled with the talents displayed by Eastern students, faculty and alumni.

Two hours flew by quickly, as the performers blessed the audience with their much-practiced presentations.

Whether dancers from the dance repertory class rhythmically glided across the stage, or Eastern Strings gracefully played Molly on the Shore, the Fine Arts department had something for everyone to enjoy.

As is tradition at the Fine Arts Festival, the last piece was Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus.

Instead of the EU Choir singing, “anyone who has ever sung the Hallelujah Chorus or anyone who has ever wanted to sing it,” was invited to join the choir on stage, according to Matthews.

Many in the audience took advantage of the invite and sang their hearts out for the remainder of the show. The night ended on this note.

No one could be disappointed after a terrific performance by such hardworking and talented people.

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