Face in the Crowd

In the Dining Commons on the wall behind the deli counter is a framed certificate dated October 2009 that reads: “District Employee of the Month – Sandi Miller.” Just below that stands Sandi Miller, in person, wearing her Sodexo uniform and giving every student a broad smile and greeting them in the most animated tone.

Miller has been the Employee of the Month twice in her three years of service at Eastern.

Miller is always found in the deli, an area most dreaded by Sodexo workers, because of the intimidating line of students who are willing to wait as long as it takes to get a well-done wrap or sandwich. For this reason, Sodexo workers take turns to work in the deli with Miller, as she voluntarily serves in the deli line.

Miller, popularly known as Sandi the Sandwich Lady, likes to work in the deli because she enjoys talking with students while they place their orders.

The other reason she likes the deli is because Miller is very often trusted by many students to make the “Sandi Sandwich,” which is a sandwich that she makes with her choice of ingredients.

Senior Justin Molfese is one of the students who loves the “Sandi Sandwich.” “Sometimes, I just go to her and ask her to make me one of her sandwiches, and they are always amazing,” Molfese said.

Even though Miller is dressed like any other Sodexo worker, she stands out because of her vibrant and joyful nature. Miller’s friendliness is noticeable via her upbeat conversations. She works from 9:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m., but she rarely seems tired or worn out. Instead, she is found cheering up students and making sure they get what they really want.

Tony Jenkins is Miller’s supervisor, and he is very positive about Miller. “Sandi is outspoken, funny and intelligent, and she likes to laugh,” Jenkins said. “She likes to get things done and done on time. If the deli line gets longer, and if Sandi finds out that students are waiting in the line for more than fifteen minutes, she would come get my help.”

Miller’s source for her “hyper-personality,” as she calls it, is the Lord. “It’s got to be God,” Miller said. “Also, it is the reflection of the high-spirits of the students.”

Miller is married to her husband of 17 years and has no children.  She commutes twenty-one miles daily from her home in Chichester.

Miller fell in love with Eastern when she visited the campus for the first time, which was why she rejected a job offer at Neumann University, which was only seven miles away from her home.

When she is not on campus working, Miller takes advantage of the Eagles season-passes and NASCAR tickets she has been purchasing for 17 years. When she is not watching football or races, she watches horror films.

“October is horror movie fest, and I can just stay at home and watch TV where they show one horror movie after the other,” Miller said.

Miller has worked jobs from waitressing to managing, but she finds Eastern to be the place for her. Her only regret? “I wish I had found my place sooner,” Miller said.

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