Face in the Crowd

It’s easy to notice Leteria Scott’s warm personality, kind demeanor and sweet nature. It’s even easier to sense her strong passion for helping others, especially students, in their everyday lives.

She finds joy in being able to lend a helping hand, give an ear to listen or be a voice of encouragement. For Scott, being at Eastern is more than just an opportunity to advance  her career; it’s a chance for her to have a positive impact on people’s lives, people who have also had a positive impact on hers.

As the Executive Assistant to Dr. Beth Doriani, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Scott works closely with Dr. Doriani and engages with faculty and students on a day-to-day basis.

Some of Scott’s daily activities include tasks such as processing paperwork and handling travel accommodations for Dr. Doriani, as well as assisting faculty with their’s. Scott explains that she really enjoys helping students in any way she can with issues or concerns that they may have. “I love working with the students and helping them,” Scott said. “My passion is to help the youth.”

Although Scott only recently joined the Eastern community, her professional history with Dr. Doriani began at Regent University in Virginia, where she supported and assisted Dr. Doriani in her position at the college. Scott’s experiences with Dr. Doriani have been both valuable and significant. “She taught me everything I know about higher education,” Scott said.

Scott credits Dr. Doriani for being a great example of strong leadership and good character, something Scott is constantly inspired by.

Education is also something that motivates Scott. She received her undergraduate degree in Communications from Norfolk State University and will receive her Masters Degree in Student Affairs from Regent University this coming May.

Another aspect of Scott’s life that defines and shapes her in the most positive of ways is the strong foundation of her family. “I have lots of family support,” Scott said. Although her family lives in various places, they all still maintain close-knit relationships.

With solid educational accomplishments, unwavering motivation and priceless family support, Scott is already beginning to live out her dreams of helping the youth and being able to shine a positive light in other’s lives. “This makes me smile every day,” Scott said.

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