Eastern students take over the Camden Aquarium at this year’s Spring Banquet

Much to my delight, Spring Banquet was above and beyond what I thought it would be.

I was expecting to pull up to a small aquarium with a few fish tanks to look at, a spread of food that was a little better than Sodexo and music that would be just okay. But my low expectations for what the night at the Camden Aquarium had in store left me with nothing but utter shock when I walked into the building.

The dimly lit room, which hosted the dinner tables and dance floor, was surrounded by one floor of the aquarium that we were allowed to view all night. With some of the dining tables placed in front of the dance floor and others placed in front of the wall-sized fish tanks, there was always something to look at.

Dinner was served buffet style and, in comparison to what we would have been eating on campus, it was magnificent. Our options consisted of items from an Italian spread as well as a spread of meat and vegetables.

The DJ was phenomenal and kept everyone on the dance floor from start to finish. The music choices were great and, as if the constant camera flashes, laughing and group line dances were not enough, the screaming from the crowd every time a good song was played was the cherry on top.

The atmosphere was wonderful. It is safe to say that this year’s spring banquet was most definitely a huge success.

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