Eastern since the millenium


Esperanza College opens as a branch campus of Eastern University. Serving Latino students by offering classes in Spanish and English, the Philadelphia college offers programs for students to earn Associate of Arts degrees. After Esperanza, students can earn bachelor’s degrees at Eastern or transfer to other colleges.


Eastern College becomes Eastern University. Eastern achieves university status on Dec. 1, 2001. “While the change of name from College to University did not make any immediate change in the program, it caused us to have higher aspirations, and on the whole, I think it has been good for us as a school,” Dr. Frederick Boehlke said.

North Campus Hall opens. In 2008, the residence hall is named Sparrowk Hall for Dr. Cora Sparrowk who has been a member of the board of trustees since 1981.



The university first begins purchasing wind power after a student-led initiative to become eco-friendly. The campus becomes 37 percent wind powered in the first year.



Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary merges with Eastern University. Now known as Palmer Theological Seminary, located on Lancaster Avenue in Wynnwood, the school was first founded in 1925.



In August, construction of HHC, an addition to Warner Library, begins.



New turf athletic fields installed.

Harold C. Howard Center construction is completed and opens for the fall semester.
Cross Country becomes a consistent men’s and women’s team.



Eastern becomes the first campus in Pennsylvania to be 100 percent wind powered. Eastern purchases enough wind power to cover its energy needs.

The men’s lacrosse team is reinstated after having been cancelled in 2003.



Celebration is held for Dr. David Black’s tenth year as president, making him the longest serving president at Eastern.

Eagle Hall and Eagle Learning Center are open just in time for the fall semester. Students move in to the residence hall while construction on some areas of the building continues.



Eastern switches from PAC to MAC. Starting in the fall season, athletes compete in the Middle Atlantic States Collegiate Athletic Corporation’s Freedom Conference.



Nursing and engineering undergraduate programs are introduced in the fall semester.


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