E.U. Tube Sensation

When Junior Gabriel Rodriguez handed in his composition project for a final grade, he had no idea what kind of inspiration he would spark. What he had created in hopes of getting an “A” would ultimately touch hundreds of students, faculty and staff at Eastern.

It started with an instrumental song that Rodriguez put together for his Composition 3 class. The class’s instructor, Professor John Greenland, was impressed and suggested that Rodriguez put words to the song and record it.

Taking Greenland’s advice to heart, Rodriguez began to brainstorm. After meditation, prayer and reflection on his past struggles, the words “I know that you are with me” had rooted themselves in his mind. Soon Rodriguez, who was raised in a musical and religious home, realized that he wanted Psalm 91 to be the inspiration for the song, to be titled “I Know Release.”

Rodriguez collaborated with Steve Epting Jr., Brittany Ray, Mike Sunbury, Mare Floyd, Porsha King, and Kori Haten, who helped write the lyrics.

Rodriguez could not have spoken more highly of his team, saying that they made the process an absolutely enriching experience.

After recording, Rodriguez spent over 20 hours in the studio mixing the song until it was just right. A video was the furthest thing from his mind at the time.

Ray was the first one to suggest a music video, and the group decided to give it a try. Setting up shop in the Breezeway and Workman Hall, the team recorded clips of the vocals. Ray compiled the selections and uploaded the completed video to YouTube. Almost immediately, the song became popular all over campus.

“I went to student development to apply for a job and they started playing it when I came in,” Rodriguez said, still looking shocked. “I couldn’t believe they had seen it.”

Although the video has reached nearly two thousand views, Rodriguez remains humble, saying that he would like to continue to produce songs that praise the Lord and encourage others to worship God. He also says that, no matter what he does, he would like God to be always at the center.

Thinking back on his decision to come to Eastern University, Rodriguez recounted, “God said to me, ‘I know that you are going to school to learn, but allow me to teach you what they can’t.'”

To watch the video, you can find “I Know Release” by Gabriel Rodriguez on YouTube.

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