Don’t be afraid to find your path and to broaden your horizons

“Now we see but a poor reflection, as in a mirror, then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part, then I shall fully know, even as I am fully known.” ~ 1 Corinthians 13:12

The truth has yet to be revealed. The past year has been a difficult one. Some of you may relate. Such obstacles have brought about new questions, waiting to be answered. Sorting through my questions, I struggled.

Many times quite deeply. There were many occasions where I just felt that nobody understood.

No one could relate to the expansion of my horizons. I left my home, my small Catholic, private high school, my friends, my church, my bubble and moved on to a new and exciting adventure. Where was I going? I did not know, and, honestly I was quite fearful.

Many nights I cried myself to sleep afraid of the future and its unseen path.

Now I sit here wanting you all to experience what I have. To grasp the understanding of questioning and the intellectual stimulation we receive by answering. I want you to see that it is not just you; everything is going to be ok.

Don’t be fearful to pop your bubble and expand your horizons. I guess the best way for you to understand is to read this poem:

How can you see the black and white when I can only see the gray?I am taking on the charge to change the colorsIf I may…What about the blue and greenPink and Yellow is unseen And as I sit here figuring it outSifting through all this doubtI realize that it is okI can feel this wayThere is no right, and is no wrongBut arrogance defeats it all We should stay open minded and pursueThe questions that are ever changing youThere is no answer we can seeBut understand we can beAcquaintances, friends at bestMust understand and put to restYou may not understand my thoughtsBut do not tell me I am wrongFor as the mirror reflects our imageWe shall one day see face to faceIt will be revealed in timeSo let me go at my own pace…

So thanks to you all who have smiled to me in the hallway, which has helped me understand that questioning is ok.

Thanks to the best friends in the world who have talked with me endlessly, to the professors who have helped me question and to answer and to the One who will help us sift through it all. If you are questioning, as I have, remember that you are loved, no matter what!

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