Do not trash the recycling bins

Student concerns that recycling bins in dorms are being disregarded and simply combined with regular trash have been circulating throughout the year. Some have witnessed housekeepers dumping recylcing bin contents into trash cans. However, chances are, students are actually the ones to blame.

Eastern began a single-stream recycling system this year, which means that all recyclable items can be put in the same bin. Previously, glass, paper and plastic were placed in separate containers.

“We’ve been hearing people getting mad because there are bottles in with paper,” Vice President of Student Development Bettie Ann Brigham said of the new system.

This confusion over recycling has resulted in many bins becoming contaminated. According to Brigham, housekeepers are expected to keep trash and recycling separate, but if it is contaminated, they must throw it out.

Bins are contaminated by anything that is not paper or plastic. In addition, plastic bottles cannot have liquid in them.

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