Do not go gentle into that good night: give us a student center!

It’s a Monday night, and other than watching football, working out or studying, I have no idea what there is to do at Eastern.

If you’ve already watched Anchorman three times this week, if you’re not involved in any of the clubs or sports teams and if you’re not going out, have fun sitting in your dorm room.

I assume every student living on campus has said at least once that there is nothing to do at Eastern.

That may not be an ungrateful complaint about a campus that can sometimes seem boring.

Maybe Eastern could use a facelift. We need a student center.

This campus could use a little spice in the night, a place where students can go on an otherwise boring night to chill, sit back, watch some television, talk to some people or play some ping pong.

Most of the dormitory lounges on campus offer similar diversions, but the problem with lounges is that they are, for the most part, dorm exclusive. Students don’t usually travel to other dorm buildings just to hang out in their lounges.

The Breezeway and Eagle’s Nest are nice too, but there’s always that feeling that you need to order something in order to be a part of it.

Eastern could use a place of common ground where students can feel like they’re off-campus, while never actually leaving.

Think of all the possibilities: shuffle boards, big screen televisions, rock climbing and bowling. And how about dances every other Friday night?

More than anything, Eastern could use a place where students can go to meet other students.

On a campus that houses fewer than 1,000 students, I think one should at least know the names of most of them.

A student center would be a nice addition to Eastern’s campus. It’s clear that Eastern needs to diversify its offering of student activities. A student center would be a step in that direction.

It might even make Eastern a happenin’ place to be. At least then, Eastern would no longer be a boring place to spend a Friday night.

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