Dear Wilma

Dear Wilma,

I have a job interview tomorrow and I have no idea what to wear! Please help me!

Sleepless in Sparrowk

Sleepless in Sparrowk,

I usually wear the same thing everyday–a little black-and-white dress drawn with a paintbrush tool–so I’m not exactly an authority in this area.

When I applied for the job of Walt-Onion advice columnist, it was a phone interview. Their only question was: Does your first name start with a “W”?

I was hired on the spot.

My advice for you would be to change your name to Wendy, or maybe Waking in Sparrowk, because my name is really what caught the employer’s attention.

Hope that answered your question! Good luck tomorrow and I hope you catch some Zzz’s!

Love, Wilma


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