Dealing with Spring allergies

Allergies are the worst part about Spring. Without taking an Allegra, I find myself with an itchy throat and a short temper. However, when I was short on cash for medicine, I found myself researching and experimenting with natural foods to suppress these allergies. The most interesting thing I learned was that taking small daily doses of local honey can help with your allergies. The belief is that ingesting local pollen from the honey builds tolerance and resistance to the pollen allergy. Other foods like onions, garlic and citrus fruits contain natural antihistamines. Herbal teas and other hot liquids that contain natural antioxidants can also provide allergy relief. Many people experience allergy relief by introducing more of these foods into their diet.

In addition, daily exercise helps with allergies, as does heat therapy, like sleeping next to a humidifier. This helps purify and filter the air.

If you don’t have any of these things available to you, finish your day with a hot shower. Hair and skin can carry significant amounts of pollen, so keeping clean during allergy season can help keep your allergies in check.


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