Color in the Shadows: A feature on an unknown artist on Eastern’s campus.

Elizabeth Sulecki, a junior on Eastern’s campus, has been an artist for years, but she hadn’t always known of her artistic calling.

When Sulecki was a little girl, her mom did what every parent did, put their child on a sports team; however, Sulecki had no interest in sports. “I would
sit in the dirt and literally do nothing,” Sulecki said. Despite this, her mother never got the young girl involved in anything else. For years, the artist had no exposure to the artistic world.

It wasn’t until the eighth grade that Sulecki finally had the opportunity to pursue what she found interesting. Her artistic journey began in middle
school with an art elective. Sulecki’s education then transformed into visual art throughout high school where she studied photography and graphic design. Sulecki learned about online artistry and graphic arts, furthering her knowledge when she began to really work with her hands.

It wasn’t until her senior year that Sulecki fell in love with the fine arts. “I would visit my friend in her AP art class, and I started to create colleagues and draw. That is when I really started to get into it. I started drawing at home and buying all the supplies to create new pieces.”

At this point in her artistic journey, Sulecki primarily dabbles in the painting medium. Her artwork focuses on the abstract versus reality. The artist explains that she likes to play with objects, shapes and people to make them unique. “I like obscuring things and making them seem like they are from a different reality.”

Sulecki hopes to continue creating new work in the future as a tattoo artist. She has just recently started to dabble in this art form. “I just bought the supplies to do stick and poke tattoos and I’m really excited. I think tattooing is a really cool way to keep making art.”

Sulecki says that the best way to get involved in art is to take art classes in school. One of her biggest regrets is not getting involved in the arts sooner. “I feel like everyone should be required to take an art class. Art is a great way to give people opportunities to express themselves with different outlets. I feel like it would be beneficial to make students take art in middle school and high school.”

The artist uses her work as an outlet through difficult times, allowing her to express feelings that she otherwise wouldn’t. While she does paint for fun, she also finds that even when she doesn’t mean to, the brush strokes are freeing from emotional distress. “It’s just a good way
to get your stress out, even if it’s for fun.”

Sulecki did not always know that she wanted to be an artist, nor did she have the direction until much later on in her life. Despite her strayed journey, Sulecki has finally found her path and calling. The artist hopes to bring her work into the light as she continues to create new things and find the hidden pockets of obscurity among the realities of this world.

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