Classy pizza at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

The sign above my head read “Warning! Our pizza is ‘Well Done’.” The crowded entryway proved that this was true.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Wayne is a booming hot spot for friends and families of all social rankings. With a bar, a sit down restaurant and a takeout option, this casually elegant pizza place is great for everyone.

From jeans to pearls, baseball caps to high heels, the attire required for this restaurant is nothing short of everything. Families, couples and friends can all enjoy a night out at Anthony’s.

The pricing is appropriate for the menu for, indeed, their pizza is well done. Their thin crust, oven baked masterpieces are definitely worth the price.

The service is excellent, both friendly and speedy: on a busy Friday night, I counted six waiters, two bartenders, two hosts, two busboys and at least six other men whose only job was to make pizza as fast as people could order. I even observed that the manager would occasionally come out from the kitchen, give an encouraging pat to one of his employees and wipe down a table or two.

The turnover is quite fast, only a 20 minute wait for a table, even though the food is well worth the wait.

The restaurant is impeccably clean, and the atmosphere is comfortable. There are seven flat screen televisions hanging on the walls, but they’re not to be outdone by the magnificent display of vintage posters and signed photographs.  There is the perfect amount of space between the tables so, even when the restaurant is full, it doesn’t seem crowded. The playlist echoing from the speakers is a mix of classics and generation-friendly party music. The atmosphere is lively yet relaxed.

Anthony’s is a great place for a date or a dinner for a small group of friends. For larger parties, the take-out option is a great alternative.

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