Churches in the Area: Check out these church spotlights to find a church in the area that you can call home.

Finding a church as a college student can be a challenge, especially if you’re far from home. Many of us don’t have access to reliable transportation, and some of us have an uncertain relationship to the church we grew up attending. Even if we loved our home church, college is a great time to investigate other denominations and traditions, if only to expand our horizons. I love that Eastern University is home to students from a variety of backgrounds, because I can have conversations about faith with people who experience and worship God in so many diverse ways. 

If you’re searching for a church or just want to try out something new, then this article is for you. Below, I’ll be spotlighting churches in the area from a bunch of different backgrounds, and many of them have Eastern students who attend regularly. If you have questions about how to find a church home, how to get transportation to and from, or anything else faith-related, reach out to the student chaplains in your building! They’re there to help you, and if they don’t have the answer, they can help you get in contact with someone who can.

Note: all transportation times are from Eastern.


Wayne United Methodist Church 

Distance: 30 minute walk; 6 minute drive

Denomination/ Tradition: United Methodist

Service times: Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 10:30am

Type of worship: Wayne UMC worships in a mix of traditional and contemporary. They often use hymns and their music relies heavily on piano and voice rather than the full band often found in contemporary churches, but their sermons often focus on modern-day issues.

Communion Type: Wayne UMC is open communion, which means that anyone who calls themselves a Christian can participate. Communion service is offered the first Sunday of every month.

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Church of the Savior

Distance: 30 minute walk; 5 minute drive. In the past, I believe they’ve done a van shuttle to Eastern, but I would reach out to them to confirm or get details on that.

Denomination/ Tradition: Nondenominational

Service times: 9am and 10:30am on Sundays

Type of worship: Contemporary

Communion Type: All Christians may take communion, but it isn’t offered every week.

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Church of the Good Samaritan

Distance: 17 minute drive

Denomination/ Tradition: Episcopal

Service times: 9am traditional or 11am contemporary

Type of worship: The 9am service is a blend of old and new music, with both organ music and a praise band. The 11am service is more contemporary, focusing on the praise band. Both services follow the liturgy, and about once a month, the dance choir offers a piece of dance.

Communion Type: All baptized Christians are invited to participate

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St. Philip’s Orthodox Church

Distance: 35 minute drive

Denomination/ Tradition: Eastern Orthodox (Antiochian)

Service times: 8:45am Orthros and 10am Divine Liturgy

Type of worship: The Orthodox church is highly liturgical and the choir performs entirely a capella. Generally, everyone stands for the majority of the service, and icons and incense are a large part of the worship.

Communion Type: Only members of the Orthodox church may recieve communion. Visitors may be offered blessed bread, which is not considered a sacrament. 

More information: Reach out to the Orthodox Christian Fellowship club on campus or check out 


St. Katherine of Siena

Distance: 26 minute walk; 5 minute drive

Denomination/ Tradition: Catholic

Service times: 9:30am and 11:30am

Type of worship: The service is a traditional Catholic mass with accompanied song.

Communion Type: Non-Catholics may not receive the Eucharist.

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