Christmas break memories

I went to the mountains with my crew from Eastern. We got to goof around, play paintball and accidentally get in trouble for trespassing. We were up in the mountains at a fellow EU friend’s grandparent’s cabin. The first night we got there, we jumped in all of our Jeep Wranglers and 4-wheel-drive vehicles. They owned a lot of property that was all hilly, off- road, and under water. It was so much fun flying around these fields in all of our vehicles. When we got done, this ticked-off farmer came up to the house, and I was outside with a bunch of our friends. Apparently we had been on his property, and he was going to get the police. He found us by following the mud all the way from their field to our driveway. He kept yelling, “Where’s Nelson?! Where’s Nelson?!” and none of us had any clue what he was talking about. Adam Flora, first-year

I went home to Canada, saw my family and had a wonderful time. Afterwards I truly went home to Haiti with Eastern for the Haiti mission trip. That was really a blessing. Even though I was born in Canada, I felt at home in Haiti. Thank you, God.

Jean-Robert Désulmé, junior

I had a festive time on an alligator farm in South Carolina with my family. This place had about 70 alligators and crocs. In one section, only a metal fence separated the parking lot and a swampy area filled with at least 30 gators. I also got the chance to see a tail-less gator and two albino gators. But what I liked the most was a croc that was about 16 feet long.Brian Farrell, first-year

My favorite gift was my iPod Nano, and my three brothers recorded a song about me. Even though the song was making fun of me, it was still pretty cool.

Emily Cusimano, sophomore

Quotes compiled by staff writer Elaine Dube.

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