Childs and Midkiff now full time

A few changes in the Athletic department have occurred since last year. Head baseball coach Matt Midkiff and head men’s lacrosse coach Brandon Childs are now employed full time in the Athletic department.

Midkiff is now the Coordinator of Marketing and Promotions while Childs is the Coordinator of Athletic Recruiting and retention.

“My goal has always been to be a head baseball coach and now that I’m full time in the athletic department,” Midkiff said. “I have the opportunity to impact not only the players on my team but all the athletes at Eastern University.”

When asked if he loved his new job, Childs said, “Of course! Being able to have an open door policy with the athletes and be there for them every day is what a coach should be first.”

“I am very excited to help new athletic director Brad Fields grow the department,” Midkiff said.

Although neither coach really knew why the change occurred, they both agreed that the change will benefit the campus.

The admissions office will have gained two more counselors who will be able to devote more time to serving prospective students, and the athletic department will gain two more hard working people in key roles to help it grow and create more availability to the baseball and lacrosse teams.

Both coaches said that they are “very thankful for this opportunity to help the athletic department excel and move to the next level as a regional and national school.”

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