Cheap and easy holiday decorating ideas

Christmas break is headed our way, and that means that it is decorating time. Malls and homes are already looking festive. It is time to get in the spirit yourself and start thinking about what you want to do. Poor college students that we are, here are five cheap decorating ideas that you can use to make the holiday bright and cheerful.

1. Add natural elements such as evergreen branches, holly and berries with a battery-powered candle to create a festive glow in any room. You can find these elements at your local craft store.

2. Get some throw pillows in various holiday colors and add a ribbon and bow to give any couch or chair some flair. You could probably borrow some of your parents’ leftover wrapping or sewing supplies or find some cheap, cute ribbons at the store.

3. Take some household bottles (wine, juice or any other kind of glass bottle will do) and spray paint them with holiday colors. Fill them with candles, flowers or branches to accent your desk or windowsill.

4. Tie a festive ribbon around a lamp. Set it around the bottom of the lamp shade, then simply pin or glue it in place.

5. Be creative and put together your own wreath to greet all of your guests with a sprig of the holiday spirit. Cut some greenery from a bush or tree, bend it into a circle and tie it. Hang ornaments, ribbons or christmasey knickknacks from it to add some style. You can even lay the wreath flat and put a candle in the center.


These are just a few of the things you can keep in mind while decorating. Remember to be creative and festive. Most importantly, spend time with your family and friends while enjoying the holiday season.

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