Capstone trip to Argentina accepting applications

You can have meaningful experiences not only by seeing different sights and places, but also by being involved in different cultures. Traveling to a different country gives you a broader worldview and mindset. Eastern offers students the opportunity to have experiences in other cultures by taking capstone classes.

INST 480M is a capstone class that requires students to go on a trip to Argentina. The class is called Cross-Cultural Mindset Ministry and focuses on learning the culture and anthropology of Argentina and gaining an understanding of the different ministry opportunities there.

Dr. Elvira Ramirez, a professor in the Spanish department, and Dr. Eduardo Ramirez, a professor in the youth ministry department, will lead the class and trip. They are married, and both were born in Argentina. They have been there several times with this capstone course. According to Elvira, the purpose of this trip is for students to be able to describe another culture and appreciate the cultural values and beliefs of Argentina.

Students will stay near Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, for nine days during Spring Break. They will see urban life style, participate in social activities and visit churches and Christian organizations. Students will have the chance to stay with an Argentinean family for a day to fully experience life in Argentina.

Three students who went on the trip in the past and fell in love with the people and churches ended up going back to Argentina to work. The capstone trip can be life changing for people who are interested in going to Argentina.

The trip is open to all Eastern students and faculty members. The application deadline is Oct. 30. The price of last year’s trip was $1,600. This year the trip will cost a little more than last year, but the price is not certain yet.

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