Bryn Mawr Hospital Thrift Shop

When I think of a thrift store, I think of a small shop filled with used clothes, hats and shoes mixed in with a few other knick-knacks and a musty scent. When I entered the Bryn Mawr Hospital Thrift Shop, however, I was pleasantly surprised with something slightly different.

Located at 804 County Line Road across the street from the Bryn Mawr Hospital stands the BMH Thrift Shop—and it stands tall.

The store has three floors. The men’s department is located in the basement of the building. Filled with clothes, suits, ties, manly board games and fancy dressing rooms, a man can find whatever he needs.

The first floor is much larger than the basement, filled with furniture, home accessories, decorations and jewelry. Items range from a fancy dining room table to vintage coffee mugs.

The second floor is packed with women’s clothing. There are racks upon racks of shirts, pants, dresses, belts, scarves, purses and hats. There are toys and a multitude of baby clothes and accessories on that floor as well.

The Bryn Mawr Hospital Thrift Shop conveniently has an employee at a register on each floor. This makes check-out quick and convenient.

Better yet, you can feel good about the money you spend at the BMH Thrift Shop because it will go to benefit programs and services for Bryn Mawr Hospital patients.

Come visit the Bryn Mawr Hospital Thrift Shop for yourself. They are open Monday through Saturday, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Hopefully, you find the treasure you are looking for and have a great time while you do it! 

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