Breezeway renovations on track to finish in November

The Breezeway renovations will soon be over. Renovations started in early August and are expected to be done by early to mid-November. Although the orginal Breezeway will be mostly untouched, the new addition to the Breezeway will be able to seat between 45 and 50 additional people and will resemble another popular hangout spot – Jammin’ Java. Many more comfortable chairs, tables and couches will fill the area, and there will be more open space.

“We had an ongoing problem with a lot of people unable to find a seat at lunchtime,” said Mike Kenis, general manager of Sodexo. “So we decided to add on to the Breezeway so that more people will have a place to sit down and eat, do their homework and even watch TV. We are already in talks with the furniture company about what type of chairs and couches we want.”

According to Carl Altomare, executive director of campus services, the general layout will have the same soccer field entrance, and the back patio entrance will be closed down due to the layout of the addition.

“The entrance to the soccer field will re-open when construction is over, but as of now it will be used as an emergency exit if needed,” Altomare said. “The wall in the old Breezeway stays, but the two windows that were in the old dining room will now be doorways into the new space.”

Despite rumors, the Breezeway will not close down during renovations for a long period of time.

“For all those who were wondering, the Breezeway will still be open throughout October,” Kenis said. “Maybe one weekend closing, but everything else about the Breezeway will stay the same.”

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