Ask Walt…

Dear Friends,

For some reason beyond my control, I’m in the competitive mood. It may be the Olympics or simply the design of these pages, but I’m ready to battle.

So, I’ve decided to direct my attention in this issue to my good friend Steve Norris.

You know what really fries my bacon?

People who complain about knuckle cracking.

Sure, all right, it is not the most pleasant sound in the world, but there are worse things  a  pretty girl could do besides crack her knuckles.

In my travels I’ve been told two things about the habit that I want to clear up right now.
The first is that knuckle cracking does not give you arthritis. That is an old wives’ tale. It should be taken as all wives’ tales must, with a grain of salt.

The second thing is that, while it may not cause arthritis, cracking your knuckles is extremely addictive. Believe me, I know.

So harping on someone who is addicted to the pleasurable sensation of knuckle cracking is like telling a caffeine addict that they can’t drink coffee. It just shouldn’t be done.

So next time you hear what you call a sickening sound and recognize it as someone doing what they love, take some time and think what you would do if someone told you that you couldn’t hug your puppy or something like that. Because it is the same thing.

That’s the truth. Take it or leave it.

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