Ask Walt …

Dear Friends,

As a guy, I know how important it can be for a guy to grow facial hair and prove that he is truly a “man.”

Well, guys, I have news for you—ladies don’t dig that.

This is one of the newest discoveries I have made after talking to the many girlfriends I have, since I am so popular with the ladies.
In fact I am actually beginning to wonder if the reason these girls hang out with me so much is because I shave regularly.

Maybe, or maybe it is simply because I am the shizzzz.

Coming back to the topic, I have heard the opposite sex comment many times about how men would be better off without any sort of beard, whiskers, goatee and especially a mustache, for crying out loud.

Women like clean, smooth faces to touch. Having facial hair, in addition to all the pimples, moles and scars on your face, is a nightmare to her.

Another thing about facial hair that grosses women out is their ability to trap food particles. You just never know what you’ll find in that mass of hair.

You don’t have to show the world that you had pasta for lunch or that you just drank a glass of milk with you beard.

Drops of drinks clinging to a mustache or pieces of biscuits stuck on your beard are far from handsome.

The final problem with a mustache is that they are icky—at least that is what they told me.

Even if they tell you that they like it, which rarely happens, the truth is they don’t like feeling it against their face while kissing you.

So if you want the girl to kiss you for the second time, dude, you better get rid of the caterpillar crawling across your upper lip.
As per my survey, it is mostly the men who like mustaches, while the girls absolutely hate them.

So unless you are trying to impress the guys in your life, get rid of it!
It is a big NO for the ladies.



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