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London, England

A statue of a fallen Prince Harry is set to go on display at the Bridge Art Fair. The statue, which depicts the prince as a fallen war hero, is a memorial dedicated to those who are willing, but are unable to serve in the Iraq war. Prince Harry, a Lieutenant in the British Army’s 3rd Mechanized Division, was originally going to be deployed to Iraq with his unit, but threats by Iraqi militants against his life caused Britain’s Ministry of Defense to stop the prince’s deployment overseas.

Myanmar (Burma)

In an apparent effort to avoid condemnation by the United Nations, the Burmese military has opened talks with opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, whom the government has kept under house arrest for 18 years. The government has also agreed to release hundreds of monks and other people arrested at pre-democracy rallies and other protests. However, government spokesmen claim that large caches of weapons were recovered from several monasteries. The crisis in Myanmar began when several nonviolent protests against government-inflated fuel prices and civil-rights violations were violently suppressed by the military.

Crandon, Wisconsin

An off-duty sheriff’s deputy shot seven people at a homecoming party with a police issued AR-15 assault rifle, killing six. The shooting is believed to have been triggered by a dispute the deputy had with his ex-girlfriend, who was among the victims. The deputy later committed suicide after he was cornered by a police SWAT team. An investigation has revealed that the deputy had not undergone a psychological profile before joining the sheriff’s department.


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