Are you ready for some football? Powder Puff to launch second season

Fall Sunday afternoons mean only one thing to sports fans. Take a walk to the turf fields and the answer will be clear. Football season is back and Eastern’s Powder Puff teams are ready to play.

Junior Brittany O’ Neal, founder of Powder Puff Football at Eastern, is very excited for the second season. She encourages women to join the team by speaking with her. Anyone can play and no prior experience is needed. “It’s more about having fun and being silly than being athletic,” O’ Neal said. “Try it out; try something new.”

Powder Puff Football is a great way to build residence hall community and pride. “Residence hall rivalry is healthy,” O’ Neal said. “It is good to be proud of your residence hall.” Everyone can use their talents, whether it be coaching, playing or cheering.

Junior Taylor Kiser, administrative assistant of Powder Puff Football and Kea-Guffin coach, said he would like to see more residence hall rivalry as well.

The Kea-Guffin team went undefeated last year and they were awarded with the Powder Puff Football trophy. Besides winning again, Kiser said he would like to see the players have fun and learn something about football. “The greatest thing was to see how much the girls love to play football,” Kiser said.

There is even a team for non-resident students. “I’m really excited about the commuter football team because there are a lot of girls signed up,” junior commuter Kara Serlenga said.

She played last year and would invite anyone to join Powder Puff Football. “It’s a recreational sport where girls just come out to have fun,” Serlenga said. “Prior football experience isn’t needed because your teammates and coaches will help you.”

The games take place Sunday afternoons on the turf fields; the first one took place on Sept. 23. Although player participation is promising, there is still a need for game referees and coaches.

If anyone is interested in these positions, please contact Brittany O’Neal at

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