Annual Fine Arts Festival captivates

The lobby of McInnis was filled with dressed-up students, faculty, parents and other guests to create an air of formality for the Fine Arts Festival on Oct. 12.

Music department chair Ron Matthews began the program with prayer and a short introductory speech, and then kicked off the festival with a double piano Mozart duet.

The first rather impressive piece was played by music professor David Bryant, using only his left hand to reach and play across the entire piano keyboard. He followed up that awesome act with a silly spin on himself as “Diva David” in which he lip-synched a song actually sung by soprano Carole Latimer.

Junior Kevin Padworski’s saxophone solo was loved by the crowd.

The dancers that performed were extravagant. Their moves were attention-grabbing and a sight to behold.

Sophomore Kevin Monaghan and ’05 alumna Abby Hess were stupendous in their performance of act one, scene one of Beast on the Moon. They successfully captured the audience’s attention and emotions.

English professor Nancy Thomas, the voluntary supporter of the Fine Arts Festival, was recognized and honored during the program.

To end the festival, the University Choir sang three songs. The last song was Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus.” Some members of the audience joined the choir on-stage to sing the song with the choir.

The entire program was a memorable one. Each act had its own style, which made the festival well-rounded and enjoyable.

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