Angels of Harmony delivers gospel message through music and diversity

The Angels of Harmony is Eastern University’s multicultural gospel choir. Its goal is to share its music and message with audiences.

Angels of Harmony was founded in 1971 by Eastern students with a desire to share God’s word through African American and African gospel music and song. The choir is made up of 50-70 dedicated members who perform locally during school, as well as nationally and internationally during breaks. The choir traveled to Eastern Europe this past summer, visiting Austria, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Apart from sharing their voices, members see Angels as a way to be involved in the Eastern community, share their faith and develop strength through diversity.

“Angels is an opportunity to find a ministry on-campus and take that message into the Christian community, as well as to partake in God’s plan,” first-year tenor Bobby Desulme said.

Desulme said that following one performance during a service, the pastor told his congregation he would not be preaching because the message had already been given.

In addition, Angels members see their message strengthened through the group’s diversity.

“Diversity makes our message powerful. With so many people coming from different backgrounds, Angels is a melting pot of beliefs and cultures which helps us relate to everyone,” junior president Tiffiny Butler said.

Sophomore Chase Waters agreed with Butler that diversity has made Angels a powerful ministry tool.

“We are able to share a usually limited genre with diversity, so everyone we minister to can be touched,” he said.

Butler also said that Angels has allowed her to share the Gospel through a medium most comfortable for her. “For me it’s more about sharing faith. I’m not as confident speaking, but I can sing and affect someone the same way as a good speaker.”

Waters said he is happy to be a member because he is part of a ministry that enables others to “gain healing and encouragement.”

The Angels of Harmony is led by director Minister William Reeves, who also plays keyboard and attends weekly practices. Dr. Vivian Nix-Early, Dean at Tony Campolo School for Social Change at Eastern University, serves as the faculty adviser to the choir.

Their next performance will be on October 29, as they host Intercollegiate Gospel Night in Eastern’s gym at 6:30 p.m. Gospel choirs from Dell State, West Chester University, Millersville University and others will also be performing.

To those who have not yet heard the Angels of Harmony, Desulme said, “It’s a good experience, more than you expect.”

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