A Waltonian farewell

The end of another academic year has come, and with it the chance to reflect on the Waltonian’s work in the past year and look forward to the coming year.

The Waltonian has had a good year. Eastern has undergone a lot of changes, from building a new residence hall and office building to dealing with the tragic losses of valued members of its community. The Waltonian has consistently been there to record those changes and keep students informed.

I am, in fact, most proud of the Waltonian’s flexibility in tracking and thoroughly covering breaking news stories. Being dedicated to learning and disseminating the truth is one of the basic principles of journalism, and the entire staff has embraced it wholeheartedly.

A strong editorial staff has also been vital this year. Managing editor Caleb Sanders’ honesty, experience and dedication have been invaluable in the thousands of details essential for the success of any issue. News editor Amanda Gagnon’s willingness to change stories and layout at the last minute have let us keep up with the latest news. The hard work of the whole staff has often meant the difference between a strong and a mediocre paper.

While this year has been good, next year promises to be even better. Current A&E editor Kate Savo will be taking the helm next year, and her ability to problem-solve, her people skills and her solid instincts will ensure that the paper becomes even more dedicated to and capable of serving the campus community.

Alex Long, current sports editor, will become managing editor, while Amanda Gagnon, current news editor, will take over A&E. Features editor Jess Czop and opinions editor Scott King will remain in their current positions. Current staffer Stephanie Weaver will take over sports, and Katherine Leber will join staff for the first time as news editor.

I am without exception pleased with their experience and energy and am excited to see what they will do with the paper and for the campus in the following year.

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