A Kingly Banquet

King’s Mill, this year’s Spring Banquet location, is a rustic, family owned-and-operated mill filled with beautiful banquet halls.

Spring Banquet will take place in two of the major ballrooms with an extra space for an acoustic presentation by previous Dia del Este performers Jenny and Tyler. In addition to the room with Jenny and Tyler’s concert, one of the ballrooms will be specifically reserved for dancing with a D.J. mixing tracks.

Outside, there is a large, man-made waterfall where a photographer will be present for the first two hours of the banquet. These pictures can be purchased later from a Web site which will be identified during the Banquet.

This year, 350 people are expected to attend. There will be plenty of food to go around, including an ice cream sundae bar, a chocolate fountain and a cake buffet, in addition to the traditional meal.

In comparison to last year, the ticket prices are reduced and the commute is shorter. Some students wondered if this meant that the quality of the banquet would suffer.

When asked to compare last year’s banquet to the upcoming event, sophomore Kayla Woodford said, “It already started out better because the prices are lower.”

“You can’t really fairly compare the two banquets,” sophomore Caitlin Jones said. “I feel as though they are going to have really different feels to them.”

According to the senior Brittani Hales, SAB’s Entertainment Coordinator, “Truthfully, if you miss this event and hear other people talk about it, you’re going to wish you came.”

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