A Halloween how-to for the college student

It is October. Students have settled into their classes and gotten comfortable in their routines. Now they are ready for some fun. Halloween is coming up, and that means Halloween parties and harvest celebrations. The question is how can Eastern students have fun on a tight budget? Here are some suggestions, some of which may help you save money on this thoroughly commercialized holiday.

Costumes: No matter how young or old you are, dressing up is fun. The outfits at the costume stores are expensive and not very unique. You can make your own costume by going to a thrift store and mixing and matching inexpensive clothes or by borrowing your roommate’s stuff (make sure to have his/her permission). Let your creative side out for some air.

Trick-or-treat: You can buy candy on your own. Put a backwards spin on trick-or-treating by going door-to-door with the good news, either by word of mouth or flashy flyers – even if it’s just a simple reminder that Jesus loves you.

Party: Get together with your friends, relax and forget about school for a while. Pick a theme and have everyone dress and/or act accordingly. Be a beacon of frugality by shopping at a dollar store for candy and decorations. Classic games such as bobbing for apples never get old and neither do movies.

Get off campus: The Eastern State Penitentiary is a popular and historical scare house, and adult tickets are $20. Proprietors warn that the event is not for the faint of heart. Also popular is the Ghost Tour of Philadelphia, one of the most haunted cities in the country. The tour costs $15. Now through October 28, Night of Terror at Creamy Acres near Mullica Hill, N.J., is open. The cost is $25.

For more information on any of these events, visit the following websites: easternstate.org/halloween; stpetersphila.org; creamyacres.com; nightofterror.com.

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