Precious Movements’ Concert: A look into the concert that focused on dance, but also worship.

      On Friday, April 5, 2018 I had the opportunity of witnessing a shift in the atmosphere as Precious Movements Mime & Dance ministered at their annual concert. People were able to see the work of God through mime, dance, pageantry of flags and spoken word. This concert has touched the lives of so many people and we actually were able to witness breakthroughs happening.

      “It was very inspiring to watch young people move for God. It was a life changing experience,” Cheryl Adams, the Minister of Pageantry, said.

      According to a lot of the ministers, there was a lot going on behind the scenes, but after seeing what happened in the auditorium that night was completely worth it

      “This concert was for us to physically respond to Christ’s desire for us to break the cycles we find ourselves in. Once we break those cycles and become whole, it’s our job as children of God to help others become whole in him. It’s time to be made well!” said Khandace Mitchell, Precious Movements’ praise dancer.

      “This concert really shook my foundation, because each year we bring something new. Last year we were just telling our testimonies throughout movements, and this year we were very authentic and transparent letting everyone know that we go through cycles too but we have come to the point where we can answer God and say yes we want to be made well. By the end of the concert it was just that. Through our movements things were able to be dropped off of us, and it wasn’t just beneficial for us, it was also for people that worshipped with us,” said Malicka Encarnacion, mime and leader.

      According to Precious Movements Dancers and mimers, each person had their own testimony and were able to share their testimony through movement and that night there were burdens lifted off their shoulders, as they were able to give it all to God.

      “I got to witness the behind the scenes work of the concert, and I can honestly say they really need this release,” said ShaVon Wilson during the concert.

      During the concert, I not only was able to witness Precious Movements’  receive their breakthrough, but I was also able to witness the audience being touched and moved by the spirit that was in the room. The concert received copious amounts of praise from students.

      “If I had to describe the concert in one word it would be anointed,” said El-Fatih Chase.

      “You were able to feel a fresh wind in the room,” said Olivia Smith.

      “You were able to feel and see the hurt and pain each minister had, and being able to witness it taken away and given to God is what made it breathtaking,” said Renee Adams.

      “This was truly an amazing worship experience,” said Michael Weatherbe.

      Precious Movements amazed us once again with another concert. Speaking on behalf of Eastern University, thank you for teaching us that we are able to break generational curses, let go of our pain and worries and just giving God all of the praise because he deserves it! This concert was an eye opener, and I can’t wait to see how God moves in you ladies next.

      This concert was very heartfelt and moving. I would encourage all of Eastern University to go see future Precious Movements concerts, so that you may also witness the movement of God. Who knows, you may want to join them one day.

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