Netflix Options For Your Next Binge

Are you ready to curl up with some hot chocolate and popcorn? It’s time to take a look at Netflix’s binge-worthy TV shows and movies. This way, the next time a “snowpocalypse” hits, you’ll be prepared with a list of worthy titles.

Camp: At first-glance, this movie may seem like a cliché, “feel-good” movie, but it’s actually a really empowering film. It follows financial advisor, Ken Matthews, who signs up to be a counselor at a summer camp for children in foster care. Ken decides to volunteer at the camp to guarantee a huge financial deal with the owner of the camp. Enter Eli: Eli is Ken’s camper who comes from an alcoholic father and a drug-abusing mother. He is an angry young boy, and Ken couldn’t be more disconnected from him. What happens when Ken is forced to have a relationship with Eli? Check out “Camp” to find out!

Malcolm in the Middle: As someone who has watched the entire series more times than most people, I can guarantee that it is a must-see. The quirkiness of Malcolm and his family is so intriguing that you can’t just watch one episode. Each episode presents a new situation that will undoubtedly be solved in an unconventional manner.

Worst Cooks in America: You’re a college student, so it’s okay if you only know how to make Ramen and macaroni and cheese — you’re better in the kitchen than these people! These hopeless cooks learn about the value of a good meal. They think that a grilled cheese is made by literally grilling cheese…without bread. It’s entertaining and enlightening all at the same time!

Remember Me: I’m not a Robert Pattinson fan by any means, but this movie is so well done. The rawness in the lead performances is something that can be very hard to capture in a film, and the ending will surprise you. If you like movies with strong, convincing leads, this is definitely a movie for you.

Pretty Little Liars: Who doesn’t like a solid mix of romance, drama, and mystery? Captivating at every turn and a modern take on the classic “whodunit,” “Pretty Little Liars” is bound to keep your attention. It’s unpredictable, and with five seasons on Netflix, it will definitely keep you entertained.

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