Inside “Trench:” After three years of waiting, fans are finally given new music from Twenty One Pilots.

      After the release of their highly successful album, “Blurryface,” in 2015, musical duo, Twenty One Pilots released their highly anticipated album, “Trench” on Oct. 6.

      “Trench” follows the narrative that became prevalent in “Blurryface” as well as the previous album, “Vessel.” This narrative takes the fans, coined the Skeleton Clique, through the alternative universe the band has created. After the release of one of the tracks off of the album, “Jumpsuit,” the fans including myself, began to speculate if this had a direct relation to “Blurryface.” The beginning of the “Jumpsuit” music video was the end of the last music video released by the duo in Feb. of 2017– two years after the release of the album the song is attributed to. There is also correlation to the character “Blurryface,” that has been often referred to the name given to depression that follows the duo. This character became the title of the 2015 album but is referenced in the “Jumpsuit” music video as well as the videos “Nico and the Niners” and “Levitate.”

      Apart from the theories the album’s hidden meanings created, the musical duo, consisting of Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph, have managed to create something spectacular. Each song adheres to the band’s ability to cross genres in everything they release. Twenty One Pilots is often referred to as including the genres pop rock, alternative hip hop, rap rock, electro pop, and others. This cross-genre ability has allowed Twenty One Pilots to gain fans with varying tastes in music. However, Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph have talked about how their music is not for everyone but that their music is for those who need it. Because of the intentional themes of mental health, the songs are created to put words, sounds, pictures and feelings together that can accurately represent what it is like to struggle with depression or any other mental health issues that are seldom represented in society.

      After its release, “Trench,” has received great reviews and listeners. “Jumpsuit” spent three weeks at the top of the alternative charts. After the album’s release, Twenty One Pilots unveiled a world tour to give their audiences a chance to experience the album live. The tour has been given the name “Bandito” with its ‘o’ having a line slashed through it to mimic the band’s logo. Twenty One Pilot will be playing at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Oct. 8 of next year.

      Source: Billboard

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