Eastern Music Ensembles Welcome New Directors

     Eastern’s music department is full of many skilled professors and students who put on numerous shows and events throughout the year to showcase and celebrate musical talent. This fall, Eastern welcomes three new directors to the music department: Derek Kostovick, Nimrod Speaks and Stephen Framil. All three have previously worked with Eastern, but this year they will be taking on new projects within the University. Professor Kostovick will be taking on the Eastern Winds Ensemble, Professor Speaks will be directing the Jazz Ensemble and Dr. Framil will be the new director of the St. David’s Orchestra Society.

     Incorporating woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments, the Eastern Winds Ensemble will be a wonderful opportunity for many students in the music department under the new direction of Kostovick. The goal of this group is to foster improvement in various areas of musical proficiency, such as articulation, rhythmic accuracy and intonation.

     Speaks teaches two courses here at Eastern, Jazz Improvisation and Jazz Combo. In addition to these courses, Professor Speaks teaches private string bass lessons on campus, and this year he will be directing the Jazz Big Band Ensemble. He says that he is looking forward to helping the ensemble members and exposing them “to a variety of big band music and styles.”

     The St. David’s Orchestra Society, now under the direction of Framil, gives students the unique opportunity to work closely with members of the Eastern University staff, as well as members of communities and churches in surrounding areas. This ensemble allows students to gain experience working in a large orchestral setting, and will hopefully find itself involved in collaborations with other art forms in the future, such as dance and film.

Nimrod Speaks, Director of the Jazz Big Band Ensemble.
Nimrod Speaks, Director of the Jazz Big Band Ensemble. NimrodSpeaks.com/ The Waltonian
Derek Kostovick, Director of the Eastern Winds Ensemble.
Derek Kostovick, Director of the Eastern Winds Ensemble. leadingtonelessons/ The Waltonian

These ensembles are all magnificent opportunities for members of the music department to express their talent and passion for music. Even if you are not a part of the music department here at Eastern, be sure to support these creative groups by attending their performances throughout the year.

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