Dr. Steven Ford Elected As New Music Head

      Eastern University is proud to introduce Dr. Steven Ford as the new head of the music department, which is seeing new and exciting changes in its program. Dr. Ford comes with much experience within the professional world of music production and is happy to pass on his life experiences and lessons.  He is originally from Philadelphia, PA, but has traveled  and stayed in places all over the United States while on tour. He was a pastor’s son and was raised going to church, which formed his love for church music. His family members are all musicians and he grew up with a passion for music. He has taken his love for music and has created a career out of it “through hard work and dedication.” He has become a well known writer and producer and has performed all over the world. He is married and has a son and an adorable teddy bear dog. Dr. Ford brings joy, passion and love to the Eastern University music department and is bringing all sorts of ideas and experience to continue its growth and advancement.

      While Dr. Ford admits that his promotion within the music department was unexpected, he said “that it is God’s divine will for his life and an honor that he had never expected to receive.”

        He is very grateful to everyone who has helped him and who has made this opportunity possible. He has known Dr. Ron Matthews for a long time, even before his involvement in Eastern University, and feels honored at being asked if he would take his place. “Seeing mine and Dr. Matthews’ roles within Eastern going full circle can only be described as God’s divine plan,” Ford says. Dr. Ford also says that his promotion means “stewardship and accountability.”

      He has referenced Luke 12:48 to describe his role: “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”

      He is accepting that he has a great responsibility for the department but also sees it as a team effort. One of Dr. Ford’s great attributes is that he looks at every student as an individual and cares about each person while also looking at the music department as a family and as a team.  Each day he wants to approach his new role “with wisdom and grace.”

      Dr. Ford comes with years of experience in the professional world of music. With this knowledge of what the world expects from musicians, he wishes for each student to leave the department with a level of music literacy. Cultural awareness is very important to him and he wishes for music students to be exposed to diverse genres of music and to have heard music of all kinds during their time at Eastern. He is excited about people from all over the globe being a part of the music program at Eastern and hopes that this diversity will aid student exposure to different types of music. He also wants the University as a whole to hear and embrace more music. Having Dr. Ford’s experience and influence in the music department will further help the students to go into the world with the tools for success and have an understanding of how to build a successful career.

      Dr. Ford wants Eastern to see him as “touchable.”  He is one of the most friendly people one could meet and has made it known that he loves everybody. He sees Eastern as an “extended family” and is happy to see this family grow. He sees himself as a servant leader and wants the community to know that he is here for everyone. He cares about each student’s well-being and everyone is welcome to talk to him.  He is a beloved mentor of many and wants to continue to lead and care for all students.

      Dr. Ford brings to the department religious, professional and academic elements to music. He is a wonderful person and makes the department a better place with his positivity and view of people as family.  His happy, loving attitude is contagious and makes for a positive department. Eastern is excited to welcome this new head of the music department and has many great changes and additions to look forward to.

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