Coffee & Canvas: The ways in which a simple SAB event can have a larger effect on the student body.

On Friday Oct. 25, the Student Activites Board (SAB) put on the event titled: Coffee and Canvas. This much-anticipated event took place in the evening, in the lobby outside of Jammin’ Java. SAB provided canvases and watercolor paper to all the attendees, as well as paints and paintbrushes. Java was kind enough to stay open during the event and provide tea, coffee and snacks to the students who attended the event. Students gathered around the tables at 8:30 p.m. to chat and paint and expend creative energy. While this style of event seems fairly simple, the effect can be quite therapeutic.

According to one study, even just engaging in making art for 45 minutes can significantly reduce the amount of stress hormones in the bloodstream. Students spend much of their time on campus stressed out over various things. Everyone has classes to worry about, but many–if not all–have additional stress outside of school-related stress. This does not even include those who struggle with mental health-related issues and the stress that can cause. By the end of a week, students are exhausted and it can be difficult to want to attend a particularly adrenaline-inducing event. However, hosting events such as Coffee & Canvas allows students to have a place to come to unwind and destress, without even having to leave campus. This is crucial as many students do not have cars and cannot simply leave campus whenever they wish. Through this event, SAB provides a place for students such as these to release some of their tension and stress in a creative way.

Additionally, this event provides a space for those who are less sports inclined or don’t like the large crowds a party invites. Part of SAB’s mission is to serve every member of their student body. The best way for them to do this is to provide events that will appeal to every type of student, not just the more extroverted. Coffee & Canvas was a great example of this.

Source: Huffpost

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